shopping tips

Shopping tips

Look for “cold extracted” wording on the label.

It means the olive paste has been kept under 27oC during the extraction process, which allows the olive juice to retain all its flavor, aroma and nutritional value.


Buy extra virgin olive oil in dark, green glass bottles and store it in a cool, dark place at home.

It must be protected from light, heat and oxygen which can cause rancidity.


The color of extra virgin olive oil indicates nothing about its quality and taste.

It is a misleading factor to buy an extra virgin olive oil because of its color. Actually, there are producers who add leaves during the crushing process in order to increase chlorophyll and obtain a dark green colored juice.


Avoid extra virgin olive oils with “light” or “diet” reference on their label.

Be sure that this kind of product is chemically treated both to minimize defects of an inferior oil and to achieve “right” color and acidity.


Extra virgin olive oil is a “value for money” health product.

Suspect cheap extra virgin olive oils on the shelf when buying among different brands.




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