Evge olive paste

Kalamon olive paste

A smooth texture combined with a rich flavor, EVGE Kalamon olive paste is an excellent gourmet delicacy that can be used for fine dining or simply provide a quick healthy and tasty snack treat.  Our versatile and delicious olive paste can be used on vegetables, crackers, in salads and sauces alike. Eat well and feel good with EVGE olive paste.

Our olive paste is also FDA approved.

Our organic Kalamon olive paste is product of organic farming and has earned both Europian Union's and USDA's seal of organic certification.

Both products are suitable for vegetarians and come in Net wt. 110gr jars.

great taste award 2014

EVGE is proud to announce that our olive paste has been awarded bronze in the Great Taste 2014 competition organized by the prestigious Guild of Fine Food organization based in the United Kingdom.

"This has a very even and smooth texture, which judges like. The olives are not too bitter and carry a lovely sweetness. Very well balanced and fresh tasting. Not too heavy and a very clean finish."

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