EVGE organic sundried Tomatoes

Sundried Tomatoes, naturally dehydrated in the old traditional way under the sun.
Tomatoes are harvested by hand with no use of mechanical means. The only preservative the product has is the sea-salt.
Both their deep, red color and sweet, intense aroma give the most delicious taste in any Mediterranean dishes and salads.





EVGE sun dried tomato 330g

Organic sundried tomatoes in organic extra virgin olive oil
Without preservatives

Packaging: Glass jar N.W. 330g

EVGE sun dried tomato 100g

Organic sundried tomatoes paste
Without preservatives

Packaging: Glass jar N.W. 100g

EVGE sun dried tomato plastic bag

Organic sundried Tomatoes
Without preservatives

Packaging : Plastic bag N.W. 150g




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